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Fri Feb 22
The role of a person with conscience is to speak out in the face of injustice, not to play the role of a savvy pol and compromise one’s dissent, a behaviour regrettably mirrored by many who are far from the limelight. If you want to end slavery, call for an end to slavery. If you want to reduce state-sanctioned murder, call for an end to state-sanctioned murder - and leave it to your elected progressive to interpret that as the lesser evil of ‘a few less dead foreign babies’. Meaningful change, when it comes, usually does so as a result of radical demands, not well-it-would-be-awful-nice ‘open letters’ and pre-emptively compromised moral stands. When it comes to the unilateral murder of poor people on the other side of the globe, there’s the right position - stop it now - and then there’s the reasonable, progressive stand: maybe require a few more lawyers. The latter stance won’t save any Pakistanis, but then it’s mostly about appearances. Dead foreigners don’t make many appearances. Charles Davis (via theamericanbear)

(via theamericanbear)