Sharp as Teeth and Stars

I was born blown minded with an eye on oblivion


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Sun Feb 3
Well, the world’s a swirl of particles, isn’t it? Atoms, molecules temporarily vibrating and dancing to a certain frequency, which we are conditioned to perceive as solid forms, as “reality.” These forms, of course, are really vectors and vortexes of energy, conjurations, “charmed particles,” if you will, temporarily assuming shapes before being dispersed and dematerialized. On that level, certainly everything can and will be dematerialized, since the fate of the earth is eventual immolation by the sun, which will one day explode, dispersing everything that exists back to its original elements. The Tibetan Buddhists, the Navajo, the aborigines of Australia and many other cultures have made literal diagrams of this dispersal, which is the fate of all forms. And of course we humans are staring dematerialization in the face all the time, aren’t we? We hover on the edge of it. Life is a ghost-show, after all; we’re frail phantoms fluttering in the winds of time, soon to vanish. Andrew Noren (via earthwards)

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