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Sun Dec 23

tumblr questioneer for us 30+ crowd

  • 1) which knee bothers you most?
  • 2) which of your parents died first?
  • 3) how many past partners have divorced and married more than twice?
  • 4) why does 80s music sound so good nowadays?
  • 5) where do you keep that sweatshirt that still fits you from high school?
  • 6) did you get a Roth IRA or a regular one, because you should have gotten a Roth IRA.
  • 7) how many people from college do you still keep in actual contact with? facebook doesnt count.
  • 8) how many cars have you had over you lifetime?
  • 9) transformers or gi joe?
  • 10) do you still have the mix tapes you made off the radio?
  • 11) does 2003 feel like it was last year or 2 years ago?
  • 12) are you still doing what you went to college for?
  • 13) have you accepted that michael jackson has died?
  • 14) how soon will you have your student loans paid off?
  • 15) isnt it weird visiting grandma in "the home"?
  • 16) who in the hell is that person youve been living with all these years? really... who are they?
  • 17) are you friends with your mom and your daughter on facebook?
  • 18) arent you happy you dont need to rely on living with roommates anymore?
  • 19) 23 isnt too young to date, right?
  • 20) have you accepted you have a belly and its not getting any smaller no matter what you do?
  • 21) what happened to kurt loder?
  • 22) what cartoons are these tumblr kids even reblogging?
  • 23) which friend from college died of a drug overdose?
  • 24) has dad accepted you are gay yet?
  • 25) when did you stop worrying about turning into your parent and just accept it?
  • 26) what meds are you on?
  • 27) man... 27 was a great age, wasnt it?
  • 28) would you even know who kesha or nicky minaj were if you werent on tumblr?
  • 29) how many times did you see pulp fiction in the theater?
  • 30) is that pain in my side something i should talk to the dr about?