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Fri Dec 7
The staggering inequality of today was politically engineered over the last 30 years. To help the cover-up of this phenomenal heist our financial and political class needed an intellectual gloss. So they recruited— and subsidized— various public intellectuals who turned ‘globalization,’ ‘neo-liberalism,’ and ‘the Washington consensus’— whatever one chooses to call it— into a theological exercise. The ‘dismal science’ of economics became a miracle of faith. Wall Street glistened as the Promised Land, and hardly anyone noticed that those angels dancing on the head of the pin were really witchdoctors with MBAs brewing voodoo magic. Their numbing narcotic injected into the body politic turned greed into a divinely sanctioned creed that underpins the religion of inequality. One of its high priests, Lloyd Blankfein, beholding all that Goldman Sachs had wrought, pronounced it ‘God’s Work.’

Bill Moyers (via theamericanbear)

The Religion of Inequality