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Thu Dec 6
Ideas lead to acts. To the degree that a society limits the range of attention through authoritarian frames, it restricts choices available to its members. Lacunas can bury “dangerous” ideas. That insight was the idea behind Newspeak, the language is Orwell’s 1984 which spawned terms like “doublethink” and “unperson” and gave rise to slogans like “Ignorance Is Strength.” Newspeak embodied the attempt to shrink the schemas available to citizens and so control their range of action…. As time went on and the vocabulary of Newspeak became progressively sparse and its meanings more rigid, people’s choices for action would be ever narrower—or so Orwell proposed.

Daniel Goleman, “The Flow of Information in a Free Society”, Vital Lies, Simple Truths, 1985

I view the disparagement of humanities and social science education prevalent in contemporary American society an adaptation in kind to this concept of limiting understanding in society to better control it.