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Wed Dec 5
Without closeness or sharing, lacking anyone who can counter his unbridled imagination, he is vulnerable to an increasing inability to see things as others do.

Daniel Goleman, Vital Lies, Simple Truths, 1985

I have been reading some older psychological texts lately, and I happened across the following sentence that sums up much of the insecurity I currently feel about my reading, study, and socialization.  I feel I may be losing contact with society, because I am not being countered or made the question my thinking and analysis of the intellectual material I am acquiring.  While I generally trust my intuition for intellectual guidance, I would like a mentor or partner with whom to discuss my ideas to make sure they’re cogent, reasonable, interesting, and worth sharing.  I need a trusted sounding board to generate new ideas and refine my current thought process.

I quite like my ability to take in and generate ideas in personal solitude, but I recognize the need for social balance if my thoughts are ever to be made relatable and practical.