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Wed Nov 28

Sir Smoky Mountain Mist

That is the full and ridiculous name for one of my parents’ Persian cats, known affectionately as just Smoky or ‘Moky.  Smoky is 18 years old, and over the last several days has stopped eating and last night fell down the stairs.  He is being put to sleep today by the veterinarian.  Smoky was never the most affectionate cat, but it’s strange knowing he’s not going to be at my parents’ house anymore running up and down the stairs for no reason or begging for treats (his one true interest).

After our cat Kissy died (so named due to her licking), Smoky started crying in deep meows nightly and did so for the rest of his life.  I wonder if either of my parents’ remaining two cats will cry in the night for Smoky.