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Mon Nov 26
Those of you who have been through college know that the educational system is very highly geared to rewarding conformity and obedience; if you don’t do that, you are a troublemaker. So, it is kind of a filtering device which ends up with people who really honestly (they aren’t lying) internalize the framework of belief and attitudes of the surrounding power system in the society. The elite institutions like, say, Harvard and Princeton and the small upscale colleges, for example, are very much geared to socialization. If you go through a place like Harvard, most of what goes on there is teaching manners; how to behave like a member of the upper classes, how to think the right thoughts, and so on.

Noam Chomsky, What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream (via nec-plus-ultra)

This ability to converse with other educated people is something I learned at the University of Chicago, but I will credit the U of C for emphasizing critical thinking and the necessity for primary sources and empirical evidence.  The latter lesson stuck partially because the institution socialized the acceptance of intellectual dissent as long as the evidence and logic supported the argument.  It’s the reason I will always value my time with the institution as a student.

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