Sharp as Teeth and Stars

I was born blown minded with an eye on oblivion


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Mon Nov 26

A Year in a Chrysalis

My 29th year of existence has been a time of profound internal change.  I have been evolving intellectually and emotionally as though readying myself for a dramatic change in life scope and direction.  There has been a paradigmatic shift in my thinking and awareness that is irreversible, but I have as yet been hiding in my old life and habits in an attempt to utilize the relative comfort and security of familiar faces and locales to anchor my incubating mind amongst the tidal shifts in perspective.  Never before has a year felt so so much like a threshold.  The time has come to cross this liminal temporal space and face the world with open eyes and a receptive heart.

I do not know whether I shall emerge from this protective cultural cocoon a butterfly, a moth, or an abomination.  I know that I will not be again what I was, and I shall never be as I am now again.  My past shaped me, but my grasping to maintain its historical standards and mores has made my approach to life insincere and isolated.  The the emerging present and those who live within it deserve my attention.  Let change come; I am ready for a new stage of in life.