Sharp as Teeth and Stars

I was born blown minded with an eye on oblivion


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Mon Nov 19


Ryan Loewy - Drown (2012)

Drowning in information?  In thought?  In socially constructed expectations? 

My attention gasps for breath under an ever rising tide of information I am compelled to know and understand.  I feel as though I am perpetually drowning in information and it only ever becomes more difficult to surface for respite and assessment of my perspective.  I exist under as surface of expectation and unmet potential, and the more information I possess the more information I seem to need.  Regardless of specific context, I’m inundated with thoughts, emotions, expectation, and judgment from within my mind and the perceived needs of others.

My interpretation of and relation to these images is suffused with this metaphorical idea of drowning in symbols in isolation.

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